Sunday, October 8, 2023

531 years and counting of ruthless and merciless "ethnic cleansing" "genocide" of indigenous, mestizo and Afro Latino people of the Americas at the hands of the military corporation / Indira Ekadashi begins tomorrow October 9th at 3:06am and it ends at 01:51pm October 10th

 vande ´ham sri-guroh sri- yuta- pada-kamalam sri-gurun vaisnavams ca sri-rupam sagrajatam saha-gana raghunathanvitam tam sa-jivam sadvaitam savadhutam parijana-sahitam krsna-caitanya-devam sri-radha-krsna-padan saha-gana-lalita sri-visakhanvitams ca

  om ajñana- timirandhasya jñanañjana-salakaya caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

                                                           vancha-kalpatarubhyash cha
                                                               kripa-sindhubhya eva cha
                                                                patitanam pavanebhyo
                                                             vaishnavebhyo namo namaha

   (jaya) sri-krsna-caitanya prabhu nityananda sri-advaita gadadhara srivasadi-gaura-bhakta-vrnda

The only reason why souls land in this world is to become accountable for all the mistakes that we make when using freewill and to reinstate ourselves with the love and mercy of god and go back to our eternal home, where our divine family is waiting for us. For  centuries now we have been told the same thing over and over again we are "One Universal family"  although our bodies are different we all come from the same creator. We are all brothers and sisters.  We are not here to hurt anything or anyone! We don't ever have to suffer again nor watch others suffer. 

It is clear that most human beings in this civilization are suffering from a severe mental health crisis and this is reflected on the desire of human beings to continue  to hurt other living entities and to continue to teach one another how to  hurt other living entities in order to proof that one side is better than the other. It is astonishing that while technology has become more sophisticated human beings continue to stay very ignorant in the evolutionary scale. Every day, we see newscasts of different people who are at war with one another bragging about hurting each other, and being proud about one group having the ability and experience all the qualifications to be able to inflict more pain then their opponent with zero regards for the value of life. 

 It is very sad to see that the people  who are suppose to take care of us and make our lives better, have no intention in changing the way things are, and instead they enjoy continuing to hurt the people that they are were hired to protect and serve for fun and pleasure during extremely stupid retarded wars in which  innocent civilians including extremely beautiful children and lower animals such as the cows and bulls  are left severely injured in horrible physical pain some people are left  missing arms and legs , eyes, ears,  and other parts of their bodies. While, "lying sacks of shit!" the proud and strong  military men from Ivy league Universities celebrate blowing up hospitals with their million dollar rockets and blaming me it on the other team, sacrificing  god fearing extremely beautiful civilian's children, women, and men who are Non-Christian or Jew are being care for by extremely beautiful health care workers and the news outlets broadcast stories glamorizing the rape and slaughter of the innocent, publishing news about women beating rapist ignorant billionaire men threating  to pull their  blood earned money that they stole from hard working god fearing people,  their "funding" their "donations" from different groups that they sponsor if they don't support their Beefed up Christian/ Jew  racist bigot cowardly thieve rapist genocider war machine! Make up another wargame so you can play with your toys on innocent civilians . Create another fictional narrative with fraudulent investigations that support your ethnic cleansing conducted by your smart thugs that work for your corporations! Women beating children killing, drug dealing, greedy selfish  racist plager thieves genociders silence the god fearing people that understand that all lives matter 



 Take the  job  of the antisemitic festers because they are "too much for you!" those ethnic cheap ugly "hookers!" Call them liars drive them crazy! Accuse them of  'antisemitic activity' you racist bigot thieve genocider rape her and lynch them in front of the world make an example of them! Hide behind your bleached blonde hooker with big big boobs!    tell everyone that they are just acting!  replace her immediately and buy an Asian sex hooker from Malasya instead  and let her into your bullshit military briefings  so she can help you lie, cheat, and steal on behalf of your corporations from the people that you are suppose serve, protect and provide for! Put all those ugly ethnic hookers in your FEMA camps! paint their black hair blonde and make yourself a BBQ for your gang raping soldiers! shoot some billion dollar rockets on her stupid ass and blame it on your other team!!  Slander those cheap ethnic hookers rape them and put them in brothels for your children killing soldiers! defame them! get them beat up! take away their government vouchers! take away their disability benefits! get them stabbed get their little children stabbed! get them shot from balconies!  make up false evidence with photoshop! defame them because you can't rape them or send your thugs to gang rape them in order to make them obey you, domesticate them make them pregnant make them sick force them to have  abortions or torture them or  force them to take prescription meds, or put to them in a mental hospital or get them kidnapped to make them disappeared! I am sure that really bothers you sick genocider perverted bullies! Continue to teach the rest of the men in the world of every race and religion  how to hurt and rape women, how to exploit them and how to force them to maintain your perverted parasitic existence !"women beating lying faggots bullies!" withdraw any form of support from them refuse to help them tell the other men to not help them!  impoverish them, cut off their water and gas! stop their food supply, make them eat bread and give them contaminated water, take away their health care! kill their doctors, surgeons, nurses and their CNA's  and blame the other team through all the ways of communication that you manipulate and control continue to lie. cheat,  steal, injure and kill the people that you are suppose to protect and serve! sick perverted Jewish/Christian genocider! hide behind  your multi-racial envious street ignorant squad "terrorist" to attack them and bully them when they are alone! You know most of everyone in this world has become program "FORCED" to accept this way of life as normal, and the reality is that this way of life is far from being normal. 

  We are "One Universal family" our ancestors that came from other planets left this fact of life about our origins everywhere in caves, pyramids, scrolls, tablets, and more,  so that when we were ready we would together make a quantum leap and go back home to our eternal kingdom and never ever have to suffer again or watch other suffer. Through the sacred thread of disciplic succession our family starting from god himself, Lord Sri Krsna at his lotus feet down  to Brahma at his lotus feet to Narada Muni the Lord's divine messaih  at his lotus feet to Vyasa Deva the Lord divine Messiah at his lotus feet, ( down the line of our family lineage)  all the great sages at their lotus feet (you know their name by heart ) to the six Goswami's the Lord's Messiahs at their lotus feet, to Lord Nithyananda Prabhu the Lord's divine Messiah at his lotus feet , to  Lord Sri  Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu  the divine incarnation of Lord Sri Krsna at his lotus feet for this age of Kali Yuga to our adored gurudeva  the Lord's divine Messiah His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivendanta Swami Srila Prabhupada at his lotus feet left us all the evidence that we needed in order for us to understand god, and to know that for every action there is an equal reaction and that our soul is eternal and that  if we are here in this world is not because we did something "great!" in fact we did monstrous things to other living entities, worst than the  cold blooded genocide and massive rapes of women and little girls that the Spanish conquistadores and Portuguese Conquistadores inflicted into the indigenous tribes of  the "Americas" Central and South America and all the Islands on the Lord's ocean that until this day continues to paralyze the evolution of the people who are born in these regions of the earth . This victorious ethnic cleansing and displacement of indigenous, mestizo and Afro Latino people's success is attributed to the very processional and educated  strategy  of the current corporations of the world who fund the military corporation to do their bidding.

 We are all together in this world because god punished us severely, we are "NOT"  meant to attach ourselves to pain and suffering, or to be programmed to belief that pain and suffering is pleasurable "kinky!" "hot!" "freaky hot!" any form of pain is an "abomination" a severe punishment and reminder that we are being punished for doing horrible things to our brothers and sisters  in other incarnations by misusing the freedom to chose and  attaching yourself to pain and suffering this is the reason why souls that land in this world have little chance to escape to the spiritual world . There is absolutely nothing "freaky hot!" about experiencing chronic pain or suffering from a chronic illness or being in a wheel chair, or being physically blind nor for a mother to watch her children die in front of her. We are not here to create more suffering for all our brother and sisters, we are not here to enjoy seeing or living entities in pain by covering the horrors of this reality with entertainment, illicit drugs including alcohol, and illicit sex or "any" education that denies the existence of our creator. We are not here to cheer about training people including the  current envious military "Youth" that have been trained  to lie, to cheat, to be violent, to attack god fearing people who are Non-Christian/Jew. The "Youth" racists bigots "legal cool bullies" and killers that continue to help the military due their illegal ethnic cleansing and displacement of god fearing people that are not Caucasian or Christian/Jew  who are born in  "shit hole countries" that have been  impoverished by the world's corporation and their war machine the military corporation. The ethnic cleansing and the current genocide that started when the coward Italian rapist, women beating genocider Christian bigot Christopher Columbus invaded  the Americas with his racists thugs from Europe and contaminated "non- Christian/Jew " god fearing people with venerial diseases after they raped and tortured the women and little girls  and left them pregnant or "hang them" they burned them alive, and tortured them in the most horrible ways imaginable and then this military men ordered dogs to attack some of these god fearing people and these dogs ate them alive and then this military thugs  proceeded to give them all  small pox on purpose, and liquor in order to make them weak and to  conquer them  and then they slaved them and these sick perverse military bullies  slaughtered trillions  of extremely beautiful non Christian or Jew god fearing indigenous, mestizo, Afro -Latino people in order to steal their belongings  and then this military thugs vacated them out of their homes and lands  and slaved them starting on the year of 1492 and then sometime later this ignorant  sadistic perverted military bullies declared  an international "Columbus Day" honoring a Christian racist rapist serial killer genocider  thieve bully with his rapist serial killer thugs and this very successful genocide continues until this day.

Having slaughter houses filled with animals  such as cows and bulls that are being tortured and slaughtered is not normal either, biting and chewing pieces of flesh  and sucking on body parts is far from normal. We have so many other things that we can eat that are really good for us like grains. veggies, fruits that would help us elevate  into a more intelligent inter stellar  race.   Having laboratories filled with animals to experiment all sorts of very stupid painful things is beyond insane.

This reality is filled with miseries and all these miseries are a punishment for  being absolutely sure  that we were greater than god, and that "science" was the answer for humanity's evolution,  any "science" that is not the "science of god" the science of Krsna, the science of Yoga,  sends the living entity in a downward spiral into the darkest regions of the universe with little chance of ever incarnating into a human body because most scientists don't believe that there is a god and these imbeciles  are responsible for the horrible things that are happening right now that have cause so much human and lower animal pain and suffering. Any science that denies the existence of our Lord our creator  at his lotus feet is set to achieve complete failure. 

 Know for a fact that unlimited material universes are born from one single pore of the Lord's body, your creator, our eternal father,  the earth is god at her lotus feet, the sun is god at her lotus feet  the moon is god at her lotus feet,  and all the unlimited planets are gods at their lotus feet and that human beings were "only" created in order for their soul to once again achieve god realization and association with Sri Krsna  24/7 at his lotus feet!  

Write this down and don't forget! he Law of cause and effect is severe,  we are all trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. FACTCHECK:  the reality of the 'world" that we have heard about known as 'hell' is as real as your physical hands, fingers, legs, toes,  feet, eyes, ears, nose, head, limbs.  It is as real as your car, your home, your guns, your rockets, your atomic bombs,  your biological weapons, your prescription drugs,  and it feel just like this reality. The Hollywood Movie Industry ( The International Department of Education)  has made trillions mocking and producing films that depict this worlds  of hell glamorizing sex, and massacres with zero regards to the reality of cause and effect. 'The day of judgment' is very real and it  awaits  every soul that leaves their bodies especially those that are in humanoid bodies and have the ability to make more intelligent choices such as the human being. Experiencing physical pain or being physically tortured, being raped,  or being eaten alive, being blown up and being burned alive,  or suffering from chronic illnesses such as Cancer  is something that a healthy human mind should never want and most of us are being forced to comply with the world's corporations and their military bully hiding behind different flags from different countries way of  handling the economy their  competition and problems and we god's people have zero say in this matter, and we god's people become guilty by association,  we become victims of random violence or wars, and man made illnesses and more.  So,  for those of you out there god fearing devotees, when you hear a 'crazy' guy preaching about hell on that street corner, know that it is the Lord's warning that some of us will end up there and will never be able to incarnate in another human body.

Experiencing sexual desire is a punishment a "misery", experiencing thirst and hunger is a punishment a "misery",  being tired is a misery a "punishment" , experiencing physical and mental pain is a punishment! experiencing illness is a misery, experiencing death is a misery. having to be born again is a misery,  the "only" good part about this reality is for a fallen soul to be  born in a human body so that the soul can once again bind it self  to our creator, our eternal father and go back home.  Having evaluated the ways things are going,  it has been decided that we can continue to evolve together as "One Universal family" once we leave here and return to our eternal kingdom because all the odds are against us, and this environment is not emotionally healthy nor spiritually healthy for anyone, and we all deserve to become superrich in the spiritual world,  and although, things may look and feel awful and very painful right now, I promise that things are going to get better for all of us, our souls are going to be  vacating this world very soon because this is ridiculous! 

See you there!

all glories to Srila Prabhupada

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga 

Jai gurudev! Jai Sri Krsna!

All glories to Sri Sri Rhada Krsna! All glories to Sri Narasimha Bhagavan! All glories to Praladha maharaja! All glories to Jaganatha Puri!

Rhade!Rhade! Rhade Shyam!

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