Thursday, November 24, 2022

Think different! Thanksgiving Vegetarian Prasadam!



                                                           Lord Krsna's Prasada

Monday, November 14, 2022

extremely important news about Ukrainian Devotees!


Mataji Ananda Devi Dasi President of the Potomac ISKON temple of the District of Columbia,  United States Of America, November 13th, 2022.

The invasion of Ukraine began in the morning of the 24th of February, 2022. I remember driving on Mamalahoa Hwy, in the Big Island of Hawaii, ( my home ) on my way from work to my beautiful room that I was renting (for you know how much) at the Nakamuras farm in Kealakakua, and I saw and heard a group of Ukranian immigrants yelling"Stop the war in Ukraine!" and they were holding the Ukranian flag. Through our Vrinda Parivarivar International Gaudiya Vaishnavan religious society we were able to receive a small video of our adored Vaishnavan devotees in Ukraine that was published in the blog months ago. In the midst of a media black out glorifying the current war in Ukraine. We  have been bombarded by newscasts telling all of us about the battles being won and little information about the trillions of dollars,  euros, yens that is being spent in another extremely stupid and ignorant "wargame" created for sense gratification with zero regards or care for the life of innocent civilians, in the meantime thousands of people are still in Ukraine entering the coldest and most darkest winter of our lives. Our Vaishnavan brothers and sisters in Ukraine  who have chosen to stay in Ukraine are in need of "only" $50,000, in order to have generators. $50,000 an amount of money that is less than the cost of 2022 F- Series SD truck that most people in the United States, Europe, Japan, and India can easily buy.  

Yesterday,  November 13, 2022 after the Sunday service at the ISKON Potomac Temple followed by delicious merciful Krsna prasadan (sacred vegetarian food offered to krsna) that guarantees a human birth in your next life. I was fortunate to be able to record the short video of Mataji Ananda who is the president of the Potomac ISKON temple and shortly after I had a brief conversation with Mataji Atma from the Casa de Sabiduria ( House of Knowledge) in Bogota, Colombia, she is one of the directors of Casa de Sabiduria who is also my therapist and Oida therapy Instructor.  I told her that I donated $20,00  on behalf of Casa de Sabiduria. Mataji Atma of Casa de Sabiduria along with millions of others around the world who are going through a tremendous financial crisis of their own after the covid-19 pandemic was not even aware that there were still Vaishnavan devotees in Ukraine .  Mataji Atma, expressed her concerned  and said, "I hope that the money that is being collected for them gets to them!" Mataji Atma sends her blessing "May Krsna keep them safe and protect them!"      UPDATED: Ukraine Update with Niranjana Swami 2022-11-05

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

                                                                om ajnana-timirandhasya


                                                                   caksur unmilitam yena

                                                                  tasmai sri-gurave namah

Happy Birthday extremely beautiful vegetarian beloved gurudeva words cannot describe how much you mean to all us, thank you for keeping all your promises and supporting women in Vedanta Vaishnavism all over the world!

Saturday, August 20, 2022

@Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The ONLY Way To End Your Confusion, Despair & Suffering. Roundtable : Answer : ShutDown the Slaughter houses

 Today is August 20th, 2022  we are still waiting to be contacted by the government officials of the world to shut down the slaughter houses. You have our phone number , You have our email, you know where we physically reside. You open our US mail, You steal  from our US mail,  You hire actors to serve as false witnesses to sustain your  narrative based  on lies and deceit to destroy our credibility, get us beat up, or convict us with crimes we don't commit. You read our texts,  You listen to our phone calls.  You wrongfully  terminate us from our jobs, you displace us from our homes with damaging false accusations, you intersect our phone calls and you remind us that we owe you money, $100.00.  Let me remind you, we can be hired as consultants to assist you in shutting down the slaughter houses in a humane respectful manner. We are patiently waiting for you to call us so we can help you do the right thing.

The Only way to  end your confusion, despair, and suffering and to achieve true peace health and prosperity is to shut down all the slaughter houses, protesting and criticizing others, finding faults in others, wanting what other people have, competing with Sri Krsna is  just another way to waste time and to continue to ignore the fact that human kind can achieve eternal happiness without meat eating and participating in the massive slaughter of cows and the other animals that are being tortured in slaughter houses; animals that have feelings just like you and I,  animals that have a soul just like you and I. Cows cry with sadness and absolute despair. 

When we start investigating who is doing what to whom, and how is being done, and where is being  done, and why is being done, the problem becomes so "BIG"  that no human power can solve the mental illness of cruelty, aggression  and violence that meat eating creates in the human mind.

Bullying the messenger, torturing , making the messenger disappear and killing Him will not take away the reactions from the actions that you are consciously creating by shooing to ignore our plea to shut down the slaughter houses; the fact that  our civilizations have been divinely inspired and influenced by  ancient Vedic sacred texts  such as the Upanishads  like the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita religious books Intellectual property that has been given to you for free in order for you to serve and protect the people of the world not to hurt them ;  yet you are still keeping slaughter houses open knowing how this violent act affects the people that you govern .

 Vedic Sacred texts that laid the foundation and continue to influence and inspire the economy and technological advancement of everything that has been created including the cellphone that you now hold in your hands  and yet like a ungrateful disrespectful Skulker spoiled child you continue to allow innocent living entities to be hurt just to see what happens because is amusing for you to see others suffer. O' My dear Krsna only your causeless mercy will support the people of the world who are ready to make a radical change and become an "extremely beautiful vegetarian" inspite of their opposition.  

Lucky for most Young people and elderly people of the world this "TRUTH" is not hard to understand.

Friends don't hurt one another nor allow their friends to be hurt. the cows and the other animals are our friends our brothers and sisters. We don't hurt or eat our brothers and sisters. My Friend.

When we start investigating the investigators the result is  heart breaking "TRUTH"

at the lotus feet of Nithiananda prabhu at the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani at the lotus feet of Srila Bhaktia Loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj who is adored by lord Krsna for keeping all his promises to His spiritulal teacher A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

His divine grace Srila Bhakti aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj remembers the meat sellers and the butcher!


                                                                                download PDF of the meat sellers and the butcher click here

 Beyond the ocean of birth and death is the bhakti ocean let those who would go there worship Lord Nytiananda, the original guru. I will hold this truth within my heart forever, my master is Nityananada! His Lord is Guara Sundara, by the mercy of Lord Nityananada one gets the mercy of Gaura Sundara. Nithyanana is therefore  the first original guru as such the guru is a representative of Lord Nityanananda these two are non different. -Chaitanya Bhagavad -Vrindavana Das Thakur (Biographer of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

Guru and Lord Nityananda are not different this is a very important consideration because our guru is Nityananda all the param para is empowered by Lord Nityananda.

Wow! this is amazing, amazing declaration because it means that all gurus regardless what their names and missions are called, they are empowered by lord Nityananda, whomever makes this gurus principle work is the mercy of nityananda and we are taken the shelter of lord nityananada. We are saying gaura nityananada, nitya gaura, nitya gaura, nitay gaura haribol. And, sri Bhakti Raksaka Deva Goswani maharaja use to express himself in his confidential moments, doyal nitai! doyal nitai! doyal nitai! use to be his expression, like, oh! nityananda's mercy please manifest for me and for all. The guru cannot act separate from nityananada because only nityananada has the access to the divine gaura, gaura's heart, gauranga mahaprabhu's heart . Nityananda comes unconditionally to spread mercy of gaura around the world and their is a statement. I don't have it now in concrete- that if  nityananada comes out of a liquor shop that you should not have any suspesion that he was going to drink there. He went there to preach to the liquor seller that they should practice Krsna Consciousness.  So, strong is his faith in Sri Nityananada prabhu that he will inspired.

I use to do book distribution door to door and many times I was standing Infront of the meat shops and the meat sellers were selling meat, and everything in me said, "eh, no! but then something in me said, Nityananada would give his mercy to everyone! So, I stepped into the meat shop, and I said, hello! because last but not least the meat seller has gotten involve in this business because he did not know anything else, he just happened to take this job and there he is. So, I smiled at him and said, I have a very interesting book for you, and the meat seller were very favorable and took the book in his hand, with his bloody hand. And, I thought to myself he is going to touch the book with his bloody hand, and the butcher  liked the book and put it down on the table and open the cashier and with his bloody hand took his bloody bill to give me a donation, and I was thinking, Nityananda! Nityananada!Nityananda! how merciful are you? so many times this sort if thing happened like that! I can still remember that after 40 years later because it was so strongly impacted,  meat pieces hanging everywhere and a person giving a donation to get a book of Srila Prabhupada.What an impact I cannot forget!

I went on the street and I was distributing books and there was a boy, he stopped me and asked me, what are you doing? I responded, I am distributing books of my spiritual master. He said, give me one, and I gave him a book. He was quite interested and he kept asking me questions and as you talk with people, you say casually, oh! who are you? where are you from? it was in Berlin where this took place. The young man said, I came to Berlin to look for a job and said, I am a butcher, and when he said that he saw my face go "a butcher" (shocked) my jaw dropped, so he said. You don't believe me. He went and open his bag and it was full of butcher knives. ( these were big butcher knives)  these are my tools he said, and I went, Okay! So, he bought a book. So, I went up and down the street to do  sankirtan and he sat down on a bench and started reading the book. I went on sankirtan for 7 to 8 hours. So, I use to walk up and down the street. It was close to 5pm, time to go back to the temple for the artik at night and I saw that the guy was still sitting there reading the book and I asked him. So, how are you? how do you like it? this is amazing this book is amazing. I cannot believe it! I really feel very touched, and I said, where are you staying? and he said, I just came here in the bus. I have to look for a hotel and then I said, would you like to come to our temple? he said where is that? I said, I am going to go there in an hour. So, if you want you can come with us and see one morning program in our temple. He said, okay!okay! and so I did an hour of sankirtan and after an hour he was still there waiting for me. and, I said, okay let's go, and we took the S bug and at that time we were at "only one S bus from here" location, at the time the wall was also there, you could look inside the east. So, I took him to the temple there were not many devotees at that time. And, I said, our friend ( the butcher) wants to stay one night at the temple and check out the morning program. This person liked everything so much that he stayed in the temple and he never left the temple at that time. A few months later, we went to Paris to meet Srila prabhupada in Paris. He was initiated together with me. We got initiated on the same day. He was named Maharati and my name was Annat, and prabhupada said to him, and you promise never to kill another animal again, cause prabhupada heard that he had been a butcher. So, by the grace of Sankirtan and Srila Prabhupada a butcher became a devotee. So, this is the mercy of lord Nityananda. He comes and gives infinite grace to his devotees. So we  have to believe that because only Nityananada can do these things, it makes a huge transformation, so even the butchers in this Kali Yuga are innocent people. "- His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktia loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj, transcription  Light Of Bhakti video recording, April 2nd, 2022, Berlin, Germany"


Saturday, April 16, 2022

      The Bhagavad-gita  declares that one who lovingly offers his food to God according to scriptural guidelines becomes freed from sinful reactions, or karma. Stopping animal killing reduces our collective karmic debt, and thus helps alleviate the horrors of war which so plague the modern world.

"Almost" an extremely beautiful vegetarian Rich Gorton


We, I, don't normally feature beautiful people who are not extremely beautiful vegetarians but Rich the handsome man that you see above has done his best to make a radical change, a change that not everyone has the courage to make. What made us decide to make an exception about Rich is that his entire family has made the single most "important" decision they will ever make in their entire lifetime, to switch from a meat based diet to a vegetarian diet.  Rich also shared with that it was his Kaiser nutritionist that suggested for his family to switch to a vegan diet. You and I both know that doctors in general tell you to eat whatever you want and they usually support meat eating. would like to congratulate Kaiser Permanente for setting the example for everyone else in the medical community  that is not politically incorrect, or not illegal or not unhealthy, nor dangerous  for a doctor or a nutritionist to suggest a vegan diet to their patients. So, what makes Rich "almost" an extremely beautiful vegetarian? Well, unfortunately rich still easts fish once in a while. realizes that we all have to start somewhere and that is not easy to deprogram oneself from the false programming that we have been force to learn since childhood, false preprograming about diet, illness, karmic retribution, and spiritual evolution. believes that the bold step that Rich and his beautiful family has taken towards a vegetarian diet will lead them to a more merciful and loving way of life not only in this life but in their next life. will keep our fingers crossed and hope that Rich is able to be strong and continue his vegetarian diet until the day that he leaves his physical body.

Rich Gorton mid 50's moved with his family to Hawaii from the Bay area, California. He has been  an almost extremely beautiful vegetarian for about 4 and a half months. Rich told us that when he decided to switch to a vegetarian diet he was going to be resourceful in his journey towards vegetarianism and he was going to have fun with it. Rich is very enthusiastic about ways of preparing food for himself and his beautiful family.  He mentioned two types of meatless patties that he really loves,  one of these  meatless patties is called "Beyond burger", and the other meatless patty is called "Impossible Burger". Rich shared one of the food preparations that he enjoys to make with . He likes to make his beyond meatless burger patties into meatless ground beef. He likes to add taco seasoning, rice and beans, mixed with grilled onions that he grills on his cast iron skilled and he serves this delicious preparation in whole wheat soft flour tortillas.

Rich's message to our millions of  visitors who are considering making that radical change to a vegetarian diet is,  to not be afraid of being a vegetarian.

Think different! Thanksgiving Vegetarian Prasadam!